5 Interesting Facts About Famous Musicians

The world of music is one field that captures people from all walks of life. Famous or musicians who have made it have been known to move great masses who admire or enjoy their music genres. Some of these musicians come from a humble beginning but you will also be surprised to learn some interesting facts about your favorite musician. Below we discuss 5 interesting facts about famous musicians:

1.Bob Marley.

Bob Marley is one of the eldest musicians in the field of the music genre of Reggae and the only one who advocated about mint extract health benefits. Many musicians also look up to this figure. Despite his many music albums including those that are being produced years after his demise, he also has one other interesting fact. Before he succumbed to cancer, he mentioned to his son Ziggy that money could not buy anyone life. It is a controversial statement which it seemed to explain his condition.

2.Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is a music icon who surprised the world some centuries ago when he went ahead breaching his skin. His siblings did not follow his steps though. Michael Jackson is also famous for the many awards he has pocketed. He has 23 Guinness World Records,13 Grammy Awards,40 Billboard awards, and up to 26 American Music Awards. This makes him one of the most famous and liked musicians.


Madonna is an American songwriter, singer, businesswoman and actress. She has entertained people since the early 1980s. One amazing fact about this queen is that she has sold over 200 million music records worldwide. This makes her among the most successful female artist in the whole world.

4.Maroon 5

The Maroon 5 is a music band that was formed in the year 1994. By then, it was referred to as Kara’s Flowers. They changed their name to Maroon 5 in 2001. It is a rock-pop band that has become so popular worldwide. They have also received various Awards such as The American Music Awards and The People’s Choice Awards.

5.Rita Ora.

Rita Ora is a very beautiful singer that has been desired by many since her career shot up. Before she became famous in her career, she once auditioned in a competition known as the BBC series which was looking for the next representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. She also surprised the world when she traveled to a very remote village in Kenya to celebrate her birthday.